Training of the Day

Thursday 5/14

Warm-Up: 10 Rep Round: Single-Arm- Forward and Backwards Circles, Up-Downs, Crosses, Reach + Stretch, “Lazy” Plank Kickbacks 5 Rep Round: Heel-to-Butt, Heel-to-Face, Cossack Squats, Staggered-Stance...
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Wednesday 5/13

Warm-Up: 2 Minute AMRAP- Arm/Shoulder Stretches 3 Minute AMRAP- Up/Down Dog, Mountain Climber, Pigeon, etc (on stomach) 2 Minute AMRAP- Hip Stretch, Hip Bridges, Scorpions...
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Thursday 5/7

Warm-Up: 1 Minute- Quick Feet + 1 Burpee every :15 2 Minutes- Squat + Bootstrapper + Thoracic Rotation 2 Minutes- PVC Pass-Throughs, Around-the-Worlds, Leg Swings...
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