Wednesday 4/30

Today is a truly somber day.  Today rings closed the an epic journey in which we have embarked on together.  Today, is the end of Abdominal April.  Take a moment to compose yourself…… Better now?  Don’t worry Ninjas, there is plenty of cool stuff on the horizon.  Expect a few more longer nasty workouts next month (I know you are smiling, Pat)  Now everyone take turns knocking out some GHD sit ups and keep dem abs poppin!  (Was that right Laura?  poppin abs??)


Snatch of the day….

Snatch complex- 1 high hang power, 1 high hang squat, 1 full. On the minute, starting at 50% of snatch max and increasing by 10 lbs (5lbs ladies) until heaviest weight reached. If you hit your peak prior to minute 10, continue at heaviest weight until 10 minutes is up.


Training of the day….

Ladder on the minute. Sprint 200ft, 4 inverted burpees. (Increase inverted burpees by 2 each minute until you can’t fit them all in)



(Event 5) Pull ups as a skill (kipping vs. strict) 40 burpee pull ups, 30 wall ball, 20 push ups, 10 box jumps

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