Friday 7/31


For Time:
On a Tabata Timer: The whole workout is done in :20 on :10 off format. Must do in order.

100 Air Squats
80 Sit Ups
60 Push Ups
40 Pull Ups
20 Cals Rowing

There will be a 25 minute Time Cap for this workout!

At-Home Version:
100 Air Squats / 80 Sit-Ups / 60 Push-Ups / 40 PVC or Broomstick Sumo Deadlift High Pull / 20 Bent-Over Controlled Dumbbell Rows per arm

Tracking will look like this:
The Tabata Timer will keep counting up in :20 on, :10 rest intervals. When you complete your workout, you’ll write your score as “Rounds + Reps”

If you finish the workout 8 seconds into the 38th Tabata round, your score will be 37 rounds (the last round you completed) + 8 reps (the number of seconds in the final round). I’ll explain it in person tomorrow, too!

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