Wednesday 7/8


For time:

Row 1K (5:30 time cap)

Rest 4 

Run 1K (5:30 time cap)

Rest 4

75 Burpees (5:30 time cap)

Rest 4 

50 Clean and Jerks 95/65

This workout should *not* be viewed as an active recovery day. The rest periods are designed to allow for athletes to have a long time between segments. That gives each of you permission to push through the first three parts!

For the Clean and Jerks, focus on proper technique with a strong set-up position and controlled lockout each rep. No gripping and ripping! Adjust weight to aim for touch-and-go sets of at least 5-7 at a time.

At-Home Version:

100 PVC/Broomstick Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (complete these with perfect technique: chest up and feet flat when the PVC is at mid-shin, squeeze glutes and keep elbows above wrists at the top. Nice and steady tempo!) / Rest 4 / Run 1K / Rest 4 / 75 Burpees / Rest 4 / 50 Alternating DB Clean and Jerks (both heads of the DB should touch the ground each rep)

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