Wednesday 7/22


5 rounds for reps:


10 Burpees 

50 Double Unders (Scaled 100 Single-Unders or :45 of Double-Under Practice)

20 Alt DB Snatch 50/35

Max Effort Wall Ball 

Rest 2 mins 

Athletes should have a minimum of :30 for Wall Balls each round.

Track TOTAL reps of Wall Ball over all 5 rounds.

Athletes have the option to complete burpees and jump rope inside and then run outside against side wall to complete DB Snatches and Wall Balls. If you plan to do that, set up your ropes closer to the door for easier access to the outside. Please be sure not to drop your dumbbells outside. Or ever 🙂

At-Home Version:

5 Rounds for reps of AMRAP 4-

10 Burpees / 50 Double-Unders / 20 Alternating DB/KB Snatch / Max Effort PVC or Broomstick Thrusters OR Single-Arm DB/KB Thrusters

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