Thursday 7/23

EMOM 24 – Complete 6 rounds @ 80% effort

5 Power Cleans @ 45% (Reps should be touch-and-go.)

10 Toes to Bar / Hanging Knee Raises (Controlled kipping or strict, no flailing.)

1 Wall Climb OR Forearm Plank + :30 to :45 Hold (Practice perfect positioning. Get inverted if possible,)

Row 9/6 Calories OR Run 100m (Go out the door to the *left* to 37th.)

Today is designed to be an active recovery day. Come in, move really well, get your sweat on, and allow for at least 15 seconds rest each minute.

Track whatever you’d like in SugarWOD!

At-Home Version:
EMOM 24 – Complete 6 rounds @ 80% effort
4 Alternating Dumbbell Cleans per arm
10 Leg Lowers
30-45 second Plank (hands or forearms)
100m Run or :30 Jumping Jacks/Jump Rope/Lateral Hops over DB/KB

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