Sunday so much Fun day! Yoga at 9am, mobility at 11:30!


Good morning future ninjas.  Today please join us for  yoga at 9am.  The class is led by Julia Darling and has a suggested $5 donation.


At 11:30, Dr. Missy Albrecht leads us through an hour long class to increase our range of motion and put our bodies in stronger positions.  This mobility class lasts an hour.


Both classes are an excellent way to supplement your training with some active recovery.  Hope to see everyone there!


beginner class at 10:30
(event 1) overhead squat- establish confidence in the overhead squat postion. 5 rounds of… Then weighted waiter walk down and back, 9 ring rows, 18 kettlebell snatches (alternating)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.