Muscle ups!!



Spread the word everyone, We will now be offering a beginner class every Wednesday at 7:30p and Sunday morning at 10:30a.  The primary focus will be on breaking down the Olympic and power lifts.  Everyone is welcome to join in regardless of experience.  The focus of the class will be published below.  There will be a short conditioning workout at the end of each class.  Join us!!





CF Advanced class
spend 15 minutes on Muscle up progression

21-15-9 of…
Pull ups and ring dips

Rest 3 minutes then do

21-15-9 of…
Wall ball and Kettlebell swings

*write your total time on the board minus the 3 minutes. Do not start before your 3 minute rest period.

CF Beginner Class (7:30p)
Work on snatch development/skill work for 20 minutes

21-15-9 of…
ring dips and wall ball

Competitor supplement
TUT Front squat 15 seconds down. Drop at the bottom. Rest :30 clean and repeat X9