Monday 8/24!!!

One more week of testing!

A. 4×10 Banded Hip Extensions
Kneeling on an AbMat with a band anchored to the pull up rig, sit on your heels then contract your glutes and hamstrings coming to full extension with hips over your knees and inline with the shoulders.

B. 50 KBS

C. 25 minutes for a max effort Squat Cleans.
This is different technique than the power cleans of last week. This week we want a strong hip drive to get the bar the the hips then up to the mid-stomach. Then focus on a fast transition under the bar to catch the bar at or even below parallel with a strong, vertical back.

Burpee Box Jump Overs 20/24

rest 2 mins

2 MU
20 Double Unders

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