Monday 7/27


EMOM 10 
5 Back Squat @ 45%

Strength work is BACK! This is day 1.

Priority should be PERFECT technique and control through every single rep. Let’s rebuild our Squats with awesome form!

At-Home Version:


5-7 Hitch Squats per minute

Using your DB or KB complete and complete 5 x 7 reps of a 1 1/2 Squat. (Squat all the way down, come up halfway, go back down to full depth, then stand. That’s one rep.)


EMOM 16 
10 Burpees on EVEN 
30 Double-Unders on ODD

Work each round should take no more than 45 seconds, so scale volume accordingly. It would be better to do fewer reps at a higher intensity than to move slower at higher volume. Give yourself rest each minute!

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