Monday 6/22


5 Minute AMRAP

10 Jumping Jacks / Then 5 reps each of Leg Swings w PVC per leg / PVC Pass-Throughs + Around-the-Worlds / Good Mornings / Behind-the-Neck Snatch Grip Push Press / Overhead Squats

2 Rounds of:

“The 56’s” – 5 movements, 6 reps of each

Snatch Grip Deadlift, High Hang High Pulls, Muscle Snatches, Behind-the-Neck Thrusters, Bent-Over Rows

3 High Hang Power Snatch / 3 Hang Power Snatch / 3 Power Snatch
(Footwork! Drive up with legs, pull under the bar aggressively with your arms)

Run 150m easy after the first round and 150m fast after the second round!


8 rounds of:
At 0:00
Every 8 seconds for 7 rounds, complete 1 Snatch @45%
At 1:00
Run 400m
At 4:00 Repeat

The goal is to move with solid technique with the barbell.

At-Home Version:
Alternating DB Snatch reps

Track weight used for Snatches (either barbell or DB)

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