Burpee Monday! 6/15

I did this workout with my cat, now he’s a lion.

A. 5 sets of 10
Goblet squat with press out.
(Hold the KB by the handles and hold in the goblet position. Squat to depth, press the KB out horizontally until arms lock out. Hold for 2 seconds, return to the goblet position and stand.)

B. EMOM 10
9,10,11 or 12 burpees. One more than last week!

This week our work time will extend past :30 seconds. You will no longer be doing each set as fast as possible but rather pace just slightly to get all sets done.

C. AMRAP in 3 minutes of Thrusters @ 60% Max Clean and Jerk
rest 3 minutes
AMRAP 3 of Thrusters @ 50% Max C&J
rest 3 minutes
AMRAP 3 of Thrusters @ 40% Max C&J

 Post your scores to the Whiteboard.