Friday 7/17


EMOM 30:

Rotate between
Minute 1- 3 Power Cleans @ 65% 
Minute 2- 30 Double-Unders (or 60 Single-Unders) 
Minute 3- 7 Bar-Facing Burpees

The primary focus of this workout is strong, single reps on the Power Cleans. Work to drive UP with the legs and pull yourself UNDER with your arms. Barbell should land on your shoulders with elbows pointing straight ahead each rep.

Move WELL today, don’t just get through the workout. Our next Strength Cycle will be here before we know it!

Track weight used for Power Cleans.

At-Home Version:
Min 1- 5 Alternating DB Snatch per arm
Min 2- 30 DU / 60 Single-Unders (aim for at least 15 seconds rest before next minute)
Min 3- 7 Burpees with Lateral Hop over DB

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