Friday 7/10



1 Double Bear Complex

150m run 

Double Bear Complex = 2 of each rep; Power Clean, Power Clean, Front Squat, Front Squat, Shoulder to Overhead, Shoulder to Overhead, Back Squat, Back Squat, Shoulder to Overhead <re-rack on front of shoulders>, Shoulder to Overhead. That = 1 rep. Aim to complete all reps without letting go of the bar, but complete as distinct separate movements.

Today’s suggested weight is going to vary from athlete to athlete. Each athlete has two ways to approach it. The first is if you know your strength numbers/endurance/mobility right now, feel free to challenge yourself to something a little bit heavier than usual, as long as you can perform the “complex” unbroken throughout the entire workout. The second option is to start at an intentionally light weight. If it’s going well, make a small increase at the 10:00 mark. Then if you’re still moving well, increase weight again at the 20:00 mark. As always, PRIORITIZE FORM OVER WEIGHT. If you can’t control the weight in any one part of the complex, it’s too heavy.

At-Home Version:


1 Single-Arm Double Bear Complex / 150m run 

Complete one entire round with the dumbbell in one hand and the following round with the dumbbell in the other hand.

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