Friday 4/3


2 Rounds

5 all of the arm circles

:40 Alternating Toe Taps

5 Quadruped reach + stretch per side

:40 Jumping Jacks

5 Turkish Sit-Ups per side

:40 Alternating Air/Jump Squat + Press/Sotts Press


5 Rounds for FORM not WEIGHT

15 Single-Arm Floor Press

10 Single-Arm Seated Strict Press

5 Single-Arm Sotts Press


For time-

50 Turkish Get-Ups (25 per side)

Although it says “for time” athletes should focus on proper technique for all reps.

Here’s a short video of how I like to teach this movement!

“Couch to 5K” – Week 2, Day 3

Beginning- 2 Miles at 80% of 1 Mile Time Trial

Advanced- 4 Miles at 85% of 5K Time Trial

30-Day Push-Up Challenge

3 sets of 10 second plank

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