A moment of weakness or an opportunity to develop strength


This is the moment, the moment that we choose our own fate, our own outcome.  This is what separates our current self with the version of ourselves that we want to be.   This is a choice that we all have to make, everyone of us, regardless of our physical ability level.  This is the moment where slight discomfort turns to agony and our next full breath seems to be a lifetime away.  Sure surrender is an option but it doesn’t have to be.  Victory over a superior force requires a superior will, one that has an absolute commitment to the task.  Often times this decision is made before this moment impacts us.  There are those who will choose immediate gratification in the face of suffering over the prolonged fortification of a will that knows all that it is capable of.  The question that you must ask yourself is are you willing to endure all that is necessary to expand your own self expectation or will you bow to your affliction?

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