Wednesday 5/28

Training of the day, part ONLY:

“Godzilla”   (Yeah that just happened)

3 Rounds For Time of…..

1 overhead squat at 90% of 1RM,

2 rope climbs (Legless)

3 squat snatches at 90% of 1RM,

4 muscle up handstand push ups.

(Note to truly “RX” this one the OHS weight is 300lbs, the snatch weight is 200lbs and the rope climbs are done legless…. modify as needed but make sure its still very challenging)

Beginner class:

(Event 3) Squat- spend 20 minutes building to a moderately heavy squat weight.

Then…. fran.

21-15-9 of…

pull ups and thrusters

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