Tuesday 6/16


3 Slow down and back
7 Stretchy Squats
Arm Swings + Crosses
2 Medium down and back
7 “Air Snatches”
Leg Swings
1 Fast down and back
7 Lunge + Stretch per leg
7 Inch Worm + Scorpion

Behind-the-Neck Drop to athletic stance
Snatch Balance
Muscle Snatch
High Hang Power Snatch
Low Hang Power Snatch
Power Snatch

Empty Bar:
5 Snatch-Grip Deadlift
5 High Hang Snatch High Pull

5 High Hang Snatch
5 Unbroken Power Snatch


10 x 3:00 rounds of:
At 0:00- complete 1 Power Snatch @ 40% every 10 seconds for one minute
At 1:00- Run 150
At 3:00- Repeat

To make more challenging, instead of adding weight, complete reps as Squat Snatch. Goal today is to practice perfect form despite the higher volume!

Track weight used and in comments track “average” time to complete each 150m run. Push the pace on the runs!

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