Thursday 5/14


10 Rep Round: Single-Arm- Forward and Backwards Circles, Up-Downs, Crosses, Reach + Stretch, “Lazy” Plank Kickbacks

5 Rep Round: Heel-to-Butt, Heel-to-Face, Cossack Squats, Staggered-Stance Good Mornings, Broad Jump + High Jump

3 Rounds (with empty bar or single dumbbell): 6 Deadlifts / 4 Hang Power Snatch / 2 Push Press (behind the neck with bar, 2 per side with dumbbell) / 4 Step-Ups / 6 Sit-Ups (any variation)


AMRAP 32 – (8 rounds of 4 movements)

1- 12 Hang Power Snatch (45/35#) / <At-Home- 6 Single-Arm Hang Snatches per arm>

2- 12 Box Step-Overs (stand all the way up at the top, both feet on the box each rep) / <At-Home- Step-Ups>

3- 12 Barbell Good Mornings / <At-Home- PVC or Broomstick Good Mornings>

4- 12 Power Sit-Ups (find a variation of these that can be done with control)

Extra Credit:

20 Alternating Turkish Get-Ups (10/side)

For FORM, not speed. Feel free to watch my “How-To Turkish Get-Up” video from a few weeks ago for step-by-step instructions!

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