Scare Yourself….

The open is over.


That statement may make you over the moon ecstatic or it may ping your withdrawals.  It’s a tough five weeks both physically and mentally.  We are forced to go outside of our comfort zone week in and week out.  Many people got their first double under, their first muscle up and did their first ever “RXd” workout.  Others found themselves working harder than they ever have before in an effort to have the top spot in their gym, their state or in their region.  For five weeks the entire CrossFit community seems to come together in the way that the original games in Aromas intended.  Now that Thursday nights no longer feature everyone at the gym crowding around a screen, waiting in anticipation for Dave Castro to announce his newest torture scheme, now that we no longer have to check the leader board every 7 minutes…. what now?


I can’t imagine that there is a single athlete that didn’t learn something about themselves during the open, weather that is that they are stronger than they thought or they have an extra gear or they really enjoy the thrill of competition.   The important thing now, moving forward, is the application of that knowledge.  Strike while the iron is hot!!  Now is the time to set goals because now is when your self expectation is at it’s highest.  Do not allow that expectation to slip, not even a little.  You have grown well because of the external pressure of the open now it is up to you to maintain that progression, it’s up to you to better than you were yesterday.


Find a local competition and sign up for it now!  If the thought of that terrifys you, GOOD!  Remember how terrified you were at the count of 3…2…1… go!  for each of the workouts during the open and think about how much more confidence that you have in yourself after completing them!  So grab a friend, sign up for a competition and continue to grow through the things that make you uncomfortable.

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