Monday 9/7!!!

Hotter than the Sand, Bigger than the Ocean…. training of the day.


WU/ 50 KBS

Back Squat
4 @ 60%
[email protected] 60%
3 sets of 3 @ 80%

Muscle Snatch!
[email protected] 40%
[email protected] 50%
[email protected] 55%
2 sets of 3 @ 60%


:40 seconds of Max Effort Pull Ups (strict as possible) on EVEN minutes
:40 seconds of Burpee SlamBall* on ODD minutes

*Perform a burpee with your chest coming to touch the slamball, push up to feet, raise slamball overhead to full extension and throw to ground at feet. To make move harder perform the “push-up” portion of the burpee with your hands balancing on the slamball.

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