Monday 8/31!!!

Please remember that today the afternoon classes will be at 4,5,6 and 7.

Also, today we begin our strength cycle. What does this mean and why should you care? Whether you are looking to get stronger, bigger, faster or not, variations in training are a must in order to continue to grow as an athlete. ¬†Without variation even the best training programs will become stale and lose their effectiveness as your body adapts to it. You have probably heard me say before, “15 minute AMRAPS are fun, but doing them everyday is like doing bench press everyday. It just wont work”. ¬†As we close out our summer of “metcon and movements” focus, we start our fall of building power, speed, and strength.

Throughout the year we must continually change the focus and methods of our training in order to keep from hitting plateaus, getting stale, or becoming bored. I have never thought that making strength the one and only focus of your health routine was smart and I have never advocated specifically training for strength gain all year round. However, strength does play a large part in the puzzle that is “fitness” and when its time to work on strength, you WORK on strength.

For the next 14 weeks we will be focusing on strength. We will spend more of our class time on lifting in fixed sets and rep schemes with set weights. We will spend less time on metcons or “cardio”. That doesn’t mean we wont be doing any, just doing less. We will focus more on the skills of lifting so that not only does our strength improve but so will our skill.

We will be lifting often and we will be lifting heavy. I ask that everyone put 100% effort into each days lifts to get the most out of it that they can. I understand that to some this isn’t as exciting as Muscle Ups or Burpee Cycles but the results will be just as gratifying.

Some foot notes about the strength cycle.

  • If you miss a lift, count it as a rep.
  • Sets may need to be broken up, take only as much rest as needed to compete the set. For example; a set of 4 back squat maybe done 2 reps at a time with a short re-rack if needed.
  • Sets do not need to be done unbroken. For example; a set of 4 snatches @ 80% can be done as single reps with no more than 10-12 seconds between reps.
  • Please, use the percentages based on your most recent lifts.
  • If you want to come in early to warm up, that is fine as long as you remain clear of the ongoing class.
  • If you have a question, just ask.
  • We will start each day with 50 UNBROKEN KBS.
  • During this first week you may find it hard to finish your sets as written. Drop the weight m more than 5/10 lbs and continue. Its going to be hard but it will get easier.

Training of the day!

Warm Up/ 50 KBS


Back Squat
5@ 60%
4@ 70%
4 sets of 4@80%

5@ 60%
4@ 70%
2 sets of 4 @ 80%

5 Pull Ups
ME Burpees