Monday 8/22!!!

Gainz of the day!

For the strength cycle the weights, reps, and sets will be written as: weight in % of 1RM/reps.
Example: BS 75%/4 = Back squat @ 75% your max for 4 unbroken reps. If the movement is an olympic lift, reps should NOT be done as touch and go but rather single but consecutive reps. If the weight is written as “/1 for total X reps”, it should be lifted in single reps with as much rest as needed between lifts for the total number listed.


Front Squat
60%/5, 70%/4, (80%/4)x4

60%/5, 65%/4, 75%/4, 85%/1 for 8 total reps

For 4 rounds:
1 min ME Box Step Ups
1 min ME Burpees
1 min ME DU
Rest 1 min

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