I don’t typically program birthday workouts but I got a few special requests this month.  We have done a few longer workouts in an effort to prepare for the carnage that is about to unfold.  Pat was one of the first members of CF Cuspis and continues to progress and improve every day.  Happy birthday Pat, you are a sick sadistic human being for this one……


“THE 42”

1k row buy in.

Then 4 rounds of…

10 burpees, 9 back squats (135/95 from the ground), 8 toe to bar, 7 box jumps, 6 pull ups, 5 thrusters (with BS weight) 4 tire flips, 2 bar muscle ups.

Then 1k Row cash out


Beginner class:

(Event 6) Press, push press, and jerk. 4 moderate shoulder to overheads every minute until 40 burpees are completed

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