Friday 4/10



Ankle Work (circles, flexion/extension), Calf Stretches, Squats/Rotations, “World’s Greatest Stretch”, 90-90’s, Good Mornings/Kang Squats

Dynamic Movement-

Hops/Squats/Skips, Lunges (Split, Forward/Backward, Jumping), Jumping (Bunny Hops, Broad Jumps, Lateral Hops), Running (Slow, Medium, Fast)

Five Rounds for FORM:
10 Broad Jumps
10 Alternating Lateral Broad Jumps


Four Rounds for Time:
100m Walking Lunge
400m Run

An idea to keep consistent Lunges per round if you don’t have 100m marked off… consider counting 1 Lunge/Step-Up per meter or 100 Lunges/Step-Ups per round

“Couch to 5K” – Week 3, Day 3

Beg: Run 2 Miles, Rest 5 Minutes, Run 2 Miles

Adv: Run 5K, Rest 5 Minutes, Run 5K

Aim to keep pace per mile (or ideally, total overall times!) within 1 minute of each other!

This is the longest training day of our 4 week program!

30-Day Push-Up Challenge

Day 10:

16 Reps
6 Reps
4 Reps

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