Burpee Monday 7/13!

Burpee Monday! Same move, new phase.

A. 5×10 of:
“T” Push Ups
Start with a standard push up and transitions to a side plank “T” position. Hold for 5 seconds in the “T” position before returning to a push up position. Alternate sides each rep.

B. Today we start the second phase of the Burpee cycle. Depending on where you finished in the first phase of the cycle will determine your “magic number”. Look at the chart below to find your magic number.

Final week of EMOM:
< 10 = 100
11 = 120
12 = 130
13 = 130 (yes, the same as 12, not a typo)
14 = 140
15 = 150

Today we will be doing the magic number in fifths with 1 minute rest in between. For example, if your magic number is 130 you will do 5 rounds of 26 burpees with 1 min. rest. Each round is a steady 95% effort. Working time should be 1:20-1:40 per round. Trust the process and give it your best!

C. Every 3:30 for 5 rounds, complete:
5 UNBROKEN  sets of:
5 deadlift
3 hang cleans
1 front squat
Each complex is totally, 100%, purely unbroken. No dropping the bar, resting on the ground or anything besides a touch-and-go for ALL 45 reps. You may rest anywhere the bar is touching the ground. Start LIGHT, around 20% of your max clean. Increase weight 10/5# each round if able. If you break up the complex, drop weight on next round to continue. This is mental, you can all do this unbroken. Clear you mind and enjoy the pain!

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