Competing at CrossFit is a great way see exactly where you are at!  Additionally, it will give you greater self confidence going into future workouts.  This is a perfect opportunity if you haven’t done a competition before!

Several of your fellow CF Cuspis training partners have already signed up!

Training of the Day
Jerk 1 every other minute @ heaviest manageable weight. 5 total reps.
Bear build up.
4 burpees, 1 Clean/front squat/push press/back squat/push press.
Complete one round of this on the minute starting at 65/95#
Increase by 5# (ladies) and 10# (men) every minute until failure.

Competitor supplement
3 split jerk (banded) OTM x 10 minutes, at no more than 95#

This is your set up for the banded jerk, Ninjas.

Use the 70# KB as a tie down, use as many plates as needed to achieve the appropriate height.  Bands on the inside of the weight plates.  Movement should be FAST, so keep it light.