Back Squat



Refer a friend starts on April 1st.  Remember, for EVERY friend that you bring in that joins in the first two weeks of April you will get a credit for 50% off for a month.  Two friends equals a free month or the next two months half off.  Four friends means the next two months free and so on.

So remind your buddies that speedo season is upon us and it’s time to whale on those abs!

Training of the Day
Back squat 1-1-1-1-1 @ 92% of 1RM
Rest 2 minutes between each rep
100ft bear crawl
40 front squats (95/65)
100ft bear crawl
60 knee to elbow
100ft bear crawl
80 double unders

(20 minute time cut off. every rep not completed add 1 second to a time of 20:00)

Competitor supplement
overhead lunge. Build to a moderately heavy weight. Alternating legs lunge 10 times total. 4 total sets with 2ish minutes in between.
Max rep triple unders in 4 minutes

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